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works all day

disappeared a few days later, hasn’t called home since…

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montreal wedding

I recently shot a nice wedding in Montreal.
I like these two images. In the first, the father accompanies his daughter up the stairway. A few minutes later, she descends with her husband.
(From the McGill Chapel.)

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battambang homestay

If you visit Cambodia and want to make friends with Cambodians who aren’t your waiters or taxi drivers, consider staying at this great homestay in my friend Sambath’s village. I know a few people who’ve done it and they’ve raved about the experience.
99% of visitors to Cambodia just go to Angkor and reckon they’ve experienced the country, but they haven’t.

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weekly shot

I know, I waste too much time posting images on photo sharing sites. But while I do, it’s fun to get lots of hits from these sites. Weekly Shot features my images quite often on its front page. This pic of a kid in the rain was featured this week.

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Sometimes photographing kids can be challenging, but other days it’s just incredibly easy and fun.
These sisters were fun.

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