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I recently had the rare opportunity to see the inside of a women’s prison in Cambodia. As part of International Women’s Day, the human rights NGO Licadho arranged for a group of investigators and journalists to attend a ceremony where prisoners were given token gifts. (Food and scarves.) As many of these women are single mothers, there are quite a few kids inside. Below are a few shots from that day. The top two shots are jailer’s kids – they look worse off than those living inside. (Their fathers are paid $15/month plus they get their share of whatever they can extort out of visiting relatives.)
As I was shooting, I heard one of the women yell “Hey, Cambodia Daily!”. Turns out she sold newspapers on the streets of Phnom Penh during my years as Business Manager there (1994-96). She would have been very young. What kind of a memory is that?!? She told me she was in for “something about a car”, but I didn’t get any further details other than she could pay $3000 to get out. Her photo is below, as is the warden’s.
Such a kind face on that guy.


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In stark contrast to the slums schools below, I did some work for a well-funded orphange out on the river east of Phnom Penh. These kids were picked off the absolute ‘bottom of the pile’ of Khmer society and given a chance to become productive citizens of this country. Lord knows Cambodia can use all the help it can get.

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Slum schools

I know, I let this blog slip Big Time while I was on the road in Asia for the winter. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t busy though. One of my small projects was photographing in some small schools in Phnom Penh supported by an amazing local NGO, Cambodian Volunteers for Community Development (CVCD). These teachers only make $40/month and show incredible dedication. But the kids come from very poor homes and often don’t get breakfast, which I think shows in these images.

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