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I have some images and short blurb about my work in Touchstone, a magazine dedicated to the conservation of Khmer culture and history. It publishes 30,000 copies quarterly.

Interestingly, on the same day I got a copy of the magazine I got an incredible comment on one of my photos on Flickr. (This photo also appears in the Touchstone piece.) I took it last year in the small town of Chhlong, a few miles down the Mekong from Kratie, another once sleepy town now besieged by backpackers. I was told that there was some great crumbling French architecture in Chhlong and it proved to be worth eating a lot of dust to get to. I didn’t really spend much time. I hung out in front of stretch of once gorgeous, now decrepit colonial buildings. I met some kids and took a couple of photos.

A Khmer living in Paris saw the photo on Flickr and wrote:

“Oh! This is my ancestral house! built by my great-grandfather in 1922. I’ve passed my childhood here. My family was chased from this house by the Khmer Rouge in 1970. It is now occupied by someone else. I’m so sad to see it in a so bad shape!”

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