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So the plan was to kayak and camp the entire length of Thailand’s Andaman coastline from the Burmese border to Malaysia. 600 kms over 4-5 weeks. We planned it for 8 months, invested in folding kayaks (Feathercraft) and met up on a beach near Burma just before Christmas. In the end I became sick about halfway and had to pack up. My paddling partner Tim Morch made it all the way.

As a photographer I had been looking forward to shooting the trip, but as it turned out we were just too busy to fish or shoot. So I just strapped my camera to my bow and hit ‘record’ whenever anything vaguely interesting appeared. Sadly I had an SD card fail on me (‘Kingston‘ brand, avoid!!), so I lost the first week of footage. In the end I only had a week or so of video, so I pulled out a few clips and put together this little montage.

Camera was a Lumix GF1, with the 7-14mm lens in a 10Bar housing.

Update from March. Here is another little video I made while paddling in the mangroves on Koh Phayam earlier this month.

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