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I carried around my Xpan for much of 2014. It made it to Canada, Tibet and a few places in India. I got everything processed and scanned but never really looked at the images till now.

Here are a few.

Xpan – Tamil Nadu



Xpan Tibet


Autonomous Region


Xpan – Tibet
Rice Lake, Ontario

Xpan -Tibet

Raccoon Lake, ON
Xpan – India


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My day jobs consists of taking very very fast portraits. I am relying more on instinct than any kind of planning. To use the used parts of my photo-brain, I have taken up long exposure photography. This really slows me down and forces me to build up the shot bit by bit. Making instead of taking perhaps.
There are some necessary gear purchases for this – 24mm tilt shift lens, a better tripod and 16 stops of ND. (I used Lee Big and Little Stoppers.) This way I can get the eight minute exposures needed to smooth the water out completely.
This is my first result, the bamboo bridge at Kompong Cham, Cambodia. I hope to do more of these this year.

Bamboo Bridge at Kompong Cham

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Our our last 600 km kayak trip down the Thai coast I shot a ton of GoPro time lapse, but never looked at them till a couple of weeks ago. I found enough images to make this little vid.
This is what it looks like out there.

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