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Our our last 600 km kayak trip down the Thai coast I shot a ton of GoPro time lapse, but never looked at them till a couple of weeks ago. I found enough images to make this little vid.
This is what it looks like out there.

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Feathercraft Wisper XP

Feathercraft Wisper XP
One of the best big ticket purchases of my adult life is my Feathercraft Wisper XP kayak. My friend just bought a used 5 series BMW here in Hong Kong for what this thing cost me, but it is worth every hard earned dollar. The thing fits in a bag that goes on buses, trains, planes, boats, whatever. I have taken three fairly large trips with it. 
The biggest of these was a 560 km trip last winter, where my buddy Tim Morch and I paddled the entire west coast of Thailand, from the Burmese border to the Malaysian border. We averaged 30 kms a day, which might not sound like a lot, but it felt significant. The first week is a sort of hell on the body, but after that it gets much easier. I reckoned it was around 250,000 paddle strokes, of which about 150,000 hurt. 
I didn’t shoot any video on that trip, but I documented it with an Instagram photo essay, which you can check out here.
I have shot a few videos out of my Wisper. The first was a trip on the Thai coast in 2010. 

The second was a nice little day paddle around Koh Phayam, an island off the Thai coast where I spend a lot of time.

And the third is a trip we did along the coast of Palawan, in the Philippines. 

These are admittedly pretty amateur, but they give you a taste of what it’s like to paddle and camp these spectacular locations.  

Feathercraft Wisper XP

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Andaman Sea

Just back from a nice boat trip through the Mergui Archipelgo. This area of of Burma receives very few visitors and is a paradise for nature lovers. Here is the view of our trimaran from the top of the first island we visited. The buildings you see are the only tourist facility in the 1000+ islands.

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