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I have been hanging out in Battambang since the late 1990s when I first went up there on the train. It has always been a very old school Khmer province, with lots of rice fields and a cool main town.
In the past few years it has been overrun with the typical channeled backpackers, in town for one or two nights, clutching their Lonely Planets and going where they are told to go. I know that 99.999% of them are going thisaway, so I just go thataway. You can still see the ‘real Cambodia’ only a few miles from town.
I just spent a bit of time there, wandering around the countryside. Here are a few images I took. You can see a lot more here.

Fisherman – going out to catch food for his family. (Battambang)

Man & his cow, or cow & his man. (Battambang)

Cool old monk.

Replanting rice. (Battambang)

Duck herding.

Off to the fields.

Transplanting rice.

Battambang – “The Rice Bowl of Cambodia”

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