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Some fake charity in India called “Sauhardya Charitable Trust” has been using one of my portraits from Rajasthan to solicit money from susceptible bleeding hearts. Normally I don’t really care about my images being “borrowed”, but when they are used to dupe people, I obviously take offence.
In this case it’s a kid from a happy family I photographed near Ossian in Rajasthan. Apparently Mr. Anil Singhvi even went to the trouble to create a ridiculous back-story for the kid.
(“I, RAM ……,wake up hungry, cold and wet from the monsoon rains. The thin rag covering me will again be my clothes for my day spoilt by the mud I lay on.” etc etc”)
Anyway, they don’t look to be a big NGO, but even one rupee donated to this charlatan organization is too much. There are thousands of small grassroots NGOs in India doing great, honest work. Please support them.
Actually I see Aussie Cricketer Brad Hogg donated a nice TV. I hope it went to a deserving family.

Sauhardya Charitable Trust

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