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I recently had the rare opportunity to see the inside of a women’s prison in Cambodia. As part of International Women’s Day, the human rights NGO Licadho arranged for a group of investigators and journalists to attend a ceremony where prisoners were given token gifts. (Food and scarves.) As many of these women are single mothers, there are quite a few kids inside. Below are a few shots from that day. The top two shots are jailer’s kids – they look worse off than those living inside. (Their fathers are paid $15/month plus they get their share of whatever they can extort out of visiting relatives.)
As I was shooting, I heard one of the women yell “Hey, Cambodia Daily!”. Turns out she sold newspapers on the streets of Phnom Penh during my years as Business Manager there (1994-96). She would have been very young. What kind of a memory is that?!? She told me she was in for “something about a car”, but I didn’t get any further details other than she could pay $3000 to get out. Her photo is below, as is the warden’s.
Such a kind face on that guy.

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