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I carried around my Xpan for much of 2014. It made it to Canada, Tibet and a few places in India. I got everything processed and scanned but never really looked at the images till now.

Here are a few.

Xpan – Tamil Nadu



Xpan Tibet


Autonomous Region


Xpan – Tibet
Rice Lake, Ontario

Xpan -Tibet

Raccoon Lake, ON
Xpan – India

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So, I did something I had never really considered doing, I bought a Leica. A lightly used M9. After snickering at the Leica-heads for years, I now am one. I did however avoid acquiring the subsequent Leica Lens Fever that can kill savings accounts.
Instead I bought a few very reasonably priced Voigtlander lenses. This glass comes in at around 20% of what similar Leica lenses would cost. Sure, Leica lenses are the best, but these Japanese lenses are just fine for my needs. Voila, my new travel kit.
To kick the tires on my modest little rangefinder package, I went off to India for a few weeks. For the first couple of weeks I wandered aimlessly around Calcutta, shooting portraits and drinking tea. Then I headed to Jodhpur, Rajasthan to take part in conducting a workshop on travel photography. This gave me plenty of time to find out what would and would not work with the rangefinder.
Obviously I love this camera. It’s amazing to use, it makes me slow down, and best of all, the files are beautiful. Warm and more ‘filmy’ than the Canon files I am used to. (It’s the CCD sensor I’m told.)
Here are a few samples of images I made with the Leica, and my cheapo Voigtlander lenses.
You can check out a larger gallery of these recent images on my FB page and my website.

Voigtlander 75 Heliar
Leica M9, Voigtlander 75 Heliar

Voigtlander 35 Color Skopar
Leica M9, 35 Color Skopar

Voigtlander 35 Color Skopar
Leica M9, 35 Color Skopar

Voigtlander 21mm Color Skopar
Kolkata, Leica M9, 21 Color Skopar

Voigtlander 35 Color Skopar
Kolkata Rickshaw, Leica M9

35 Color Skopar
Saraswati Puja, Kolkata, Leica M9, 35 Color Skopar

Jodhpur, Leica M9, 50 Nokton

Voigtlander 35 Color Skopar
Kolkata Rickshaw, Leica M9, 35 Color Skopar
Kolkata, 21 Color Skopar
Kolkata Rickshaw, Leica M9

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Just back from my first real trip to India. It is simply the greatest travel destination of all time.
I didn’t shoot nearly as much as I’d hoped, but I got some nice shots in Calcutta and Sikkim, two very different places.
Here are a few of the scenes, and some of the characters I met along the way.

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